ICGRx Summit 2020

28th June 2020. 11:00 – 19:00 BST / GMT+1

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ICGRx are pleased to be supported by Health Education England, National Health Careers Conference, Patient Safety Movement, Faculty of Digital Health and Becoming a Doctor.

On Sunday, June 28th, 2020 we will host the inaugural ICGRx summit featuring international panels discussing important topics, such as :

– Student and Trainee responses to the pandemic
– Health Education
– Medical technology and Innovation
– Gender disparities in medicine
– Diversity in healthcare
– Clinical management and the latest research in the management of COVID-19
– Society’s response to COVID-19
– Prioritising patient safety

“ICGRx” (International Collaborative Grand Rounds) hosted the world’s first Global Grand Rounds in 2016, revolutionising the age old tradition of Grand Rounds by harnessing the power of technology to share knowledge globally and improve healthcare.

We believe sharing knowledge across healthcare professionals, students, academics, patients and stakeholders has never been more important, particularly at a time where a pandemic is disrupting society.

The global ICGRx team creates free, open access live experiences bringing together experts as well as healthcare students, professionals, patients and stakeholders to discuss important topics in healthcare and share best practices to improve health outcomes5


Time (GMT+1) Topic Speakers
Launch of ICGRx Summit 2020
ICGRx Team and Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons, NHS England and NHS Improvement
How healthcare students and professionals are leading the fight against COVID-19
Daniel Zou (Australia), Penias Tembo (Zambia), Isabelle Nehme (Australia), Maarja-Liis Ferry(Scotland), Dr Dom Proctor (England), Dr Anivita Aggarwal (India), Mr Simon Fleming (England), Dr Zach West (USA) & Mr Jeremy Ward (England). Hosts: Dr Rajiv Sethi (UK) and Isabelle Nehme (Australia), ICGRx Team.
Evolution of healthcare in the wake of COVID-19: pathology, primary care and ICU perspectives
Professor Jo Martin (England), Dr Tejas Suri (India), Dr Matt Morgan (Wales) & Dr Dipesh Gopal (England). Hosts: Tom Fisher (UK) and Dhikshitha Gokulakrishnan (India), ICGRx Team.
Medical Technology and Innovation
Mr Francis White (UK), Dr Theresa Cullen (USA), Dr Subha Madhavan (USA), Dr Daniel Ting (SIngapore) & Dr Sandeep Bansal (UK). Host: Maarja-Liis Ferry (UK), ICGRx Team.
Impact of COVID-19 on Society
Dr Olive Kobusingye (Uganda / South Africa), Dr Kailash Chand OBE (UK), Mr Wayne Kirkham (UK) & Mrs Kate Burnett (UK). Host: Dr Dom Proctor (UK), ICGRx Team.
Gender disparities in Medicine
Prof Dame Jane Dacre (UK), Dr Vineet Arora (USA), Dr Fernanda Staniscuaski (Brazil), Dr Jennifer Downs (USA). Host: Dr Isabel Hardee (USA)
Diversity in Healthcare
Prof JS Bamrah CBE (UK), Dr Notisha Massaquoi (Canada), Dr. Nada Al-Hadithy (UK), Naomi Nkinsi (USA) & Eman Hijab (USA). Host: Dr Zach West (USA), ICGRx Team.
Prioritising Patient Safety
Dr David Mayer (USA), Helen Haskel (USA), Tracy GranzyK (USA) & Professor Peter Brennan (UK), Dr Raj Ratwani (USA) Host: Dr David Mayer (USA), CEO, Patient Safety Movement Foundation.
ICGRx Summit Reflections
ICGRx Team
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